An Emotional Affair of a Married Man

Posted by: Evelyn Anderson

September 30th, 2011 >> adultery

One of the hottest topics in relationship today is about emotional affair. Married man who is in his 40s and employed is usually the offender of this type of infidelity.

These men usually contend that an emotional affair is not really cheating because of the absence of sex. Also, they claim that it is not avoidable for a person, whether male or female, to have some sort of emotional feelings with another in the opposite sex.

However, a lot of marriage counselors and professionals do not concur to their explanation because when a man gets married, he has given his word to be honest and faithful to his other half no matter what.

The key elements in emotional cheating are deceit, dishonesty, and not being totally open to the wife. She has every right to know everything that happens at work or just anywhere else especially when it comes to relationships with office-mates and other people.

An emotional affair happens when a husband will form a relationship with another woman that is inappropriate. It may start as a platonic friendship until they begin sharing personal stuffs like their relationship with their spouse.

For whatever reason, the man would not disclose his relationship with his new found friend to his wife, the things they do together, and the places they go. There would even be times when he would lie to her and this is usually the beginning of a big marital problem.

The most common places where an emotional affair happens are on social networking sites, Internet forums, and at the work place. According to relationship experts, men will have an emotional affair because their emotional needs are satisfied by their wife such as when there is a communication gap between them.

Married couples who are undergoing this type of problem resort to marriage counseling. But most of the time, the therapy does not work because the husband is not cooperative maybe because he is embarrassed to share the details.

There are also courses that you can get online which can also be effective. This is ideal if the husband is not comfortable sharing with another person.

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